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Drive-In Details and Movie Title Announcement

We will open the drive-in for the first movie this coming Friday 6/12. We are going to show a different movie every night Friday through Sunday and then next week expand and the rest of the weeks show a different movie every night Thursday through Sunday. That will be 23 movies we are showing over a 6-week period. Parking for the drive-in will be in marked spaces facing the front of the theater where a screen will be mounted to the front of the building.

Drive-In Rules

  • You must stay in your vehicle at all times except when using the restroom (per NC Governor Phase 2 rules). No lawn chairs or truck beds may be utilized outside of vehicle.
  • We suggest you arrive leaving plenty of time to park by 9:15. When arriving, please use the road in FRONT of old Dollar General.
  • All parking will be first come-first served from the front to the rear.
  • Those in taller vehicles will be directed to park toward the rear.
  • Parking lights (NOT headlights) turned on to signal attendant when concession orders are ready. Attendant will verify order, get your order ready and bring to you.
  • Restrooms on the inside right side of the building are available. Please observe social distancing.
  • No exit and re-entry.

We are offering special concession combos for the drive-in that include family size bags of popcorn and hot dogs at special prices. Come hungry, we’ve worked hard to make this a quality time for you.


Shown below are all of the 23 movies we will be showing and the dates for each.

Thanks for all of the excitement you have shown for this venture. We are excited too!


We tried to get all of the movies that had a large number of votes. Not all studios are making movies available, and many studios are not making all of their movies available. We've done our best to provide you with a summer of fun entertainment at our drive-in, please enjoy these movies.