Drive-In Rules

  • You must stay in the vicinity of your vehicle at all times, except when using the restroom. You may sit in the bed of pickups, back of SUV/minivans as long as the rear door does not exceed the height of your vehicle, or in lawn chairs in immediate proximity of your vehicle, within 5 feet of the side facing the screen.
  • When arriving, please use the road in FRONT of old Dollar General.
  • All parking will be first come-first served from the front to the rear.
  • Parking lights (NOT headlights) turned on to signal attendant when concession orders are ready. Attendant will verify order, get your order ready and bring to you.
  • Restrooms on the inside right side of the building are available. Please observe social distancing.
  • No exit and re-entry.
  • Screen 2 parking begins at 7:30. Screen 1 parking begins at 8:00.
  • NO ALCOHOL. You will be asked to leave immediately.

Thanks for all of the excitement you have shown for this venture. We are excited too!

$1 convenience fee added per transaction